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Study now - pay later.
We provide a flexible way to finance your higher education. With our education fund, you can finance your tuition at NIT Northern Institute of Technology with ease and carefree.

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Your Advantages

Count on the advantages of the education fund to get going. You can rely on the advantages of funding independent of your parents' financial means during and after your degree program. You are free to plan your life and career as you choose. As partners, Brain Capital and your university will be by your side.

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We can finance many different programs at NIT. The relevant conditions and additional information about your program can be found here.

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Your desired education

The NIT Education Fund enables you to follow through on your dream to study at a well-known university.
Our funding offer is independent of scholarships, stipends, and grants.

The Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) is a private educational institution located in the south of Hamburg, which was founded in 1998 by 40 professors from the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). The founding father and first president of the NIT was the renowned scientist and former president of the Technical University Hauke ​​Trinks. It was initially founded under the name "Northern Institute of Technology". The addition "Management" was added when the company was renamed in December 2007.

Since 2022, student at Northern Institute of Technology can finance their education with our educational fund.

Tuition payments are no longer an obstacle.

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